Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Nice to be Spoiled

What a treat to come home and find two packages from Mr. Postman!!!!

One was my much anticipated Booty Swap package and the other was a thoughtful package from my French amie Cecile. I told you April would be awesome! Both packages were so thoughtful. I don't know which one to show first so I'm going to show both:

Cecile sent me two issues or Marie Claire idees, which I love. It's always so inspiring to me. It's my favorite magazine to take into the bath. It's interesting without having to think about it too much. She also sent me some fabulous mohair in plum and a couple of really cool multicolored yarns that I'm going to use in felting projects. And some yummy smelling incense, which I keep in my yarn basket. She also included a couple of really cool ceramic pieces, one an incense holder and another little jar, but unfortunately they broke en route. That's ok b/c I got the sentiment. The pink jar looked like it was handpainted. Tres adorable! Cecile's on vacation right now, but do me a flavor a check out her blog. She really has a site to behold. It's funny she actually looks alot like my sister in law Tegan.

A while ago I joined the Booty Swap and FireflyAdventures from Stranger in a Strangeland was my pirate pal. She sent me the best little package of treasures. I loved everything. Check it out!

a treasure chest of candies!!

Some Pirate Rum and Pirate Gin... little known fact: if you drink enough Captain Morgan Rum your right eye will start to close and you keep saying "Aarrrr" to everyone.

Firefly is an AWESOME quilter. She really puts me to shame. She made me these two gorgeous potholders featuring fruit, because a pirate has to beware of scurvy! I'm so impressed -and inspired. I have to admit that when I saw her blog last week I sort of hoped the handmade something would be quilted b/c she makes such great stuff. Thank you!

And some quilting notions to help my French quilt! Fabric and thread!!!

And this is the super cool pirate booty! Socks, a thread cutter, some skull and crossbone hair clips, some fabulous Philosophy lip gloss which looks so awesome one!!

I can't thank you guys enough. knitting is so awesome.

La Grenadine

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