Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Autumn has come early here in Northern California. Although I should have written that a week ago when everything was cooling off. The morning air was crisp and in the evenings I was tempted to light a fire in the fireplace. But today the sun is back and we're expected to have a hot day. Actually that's pretty typical for us we don't really cool off entirely until mid October. Perhaps I'm just anxious for the cooler rainy days where knitting is entirely acceptable to do all weekend long.

As if I've been terribly active this summer anyway. Aside from the comic booking and the gaming I've been catching up on my quality televison. Mr G and I are flying through the first and second seasons of Lost to make it in time for the October premier of the third season. Next week season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica comes out on dvd so we can get fully caught up with that too. The only downside about all of these new seasons coming out is that I'm going to have to watch the new shows with commercials. YUCK.

On the plus side those commercials will be good times to focus on my knitting.

What can I say? Always look on the bright side of life*.

Grenadine Girl

*(extra points for you if you can sing the song associated with that phrase)

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