Sunday, September 24, 2006

Have you ever heard of this?

My cat is crazy for dryer sheets.

Whenever I fold laundry I have to be extra careful to throw away any of the used dryer sheets because my cat is addicted to them.

Tonight I left one behind and she rooted it out and spent the evening rolling around the carpet with her dryer sheet. You'd think it was cat nip with the way she clutched it with her paws. Mr. G had to fight to get it back.



Christie said...

Cats are crazy like that. I would have one, but I'm allergic. One must love how cheap their toys can be...crumpled paper, yarn, dryer it.

Allena said...

lol cats are sooo crazy. my cat is up there too! everytime we get ice out of the fridge he comes running b/c he loves to play and then chew on the ice. i've never had a cat do that before. he also plays with my daughters stuffed toys it's hilarious!

Lock Lady said...

Well, Em! new entertainment! Laundry day takes on a whole new meaning for cats!!!!

badmommy said...

We have a cat who would do anything for paint thinner. My husband came home one night with it on his clothes and we later found the cat rolling around, blissed out, in the clothes. Those clothes now go directly in the laundry room, door firmly closed. I'm waiting for the sign to appear: "Will be sweet and friendly for paint thinner."