Friday, September 22, 2006

When in doubt, sing the Beatles

Someone once told me that he doesn't read blogs because there's too much complaining.

And yes, occasionally that's true. In some cases I have deleted blogs off my bloglines because people couldn't get off their complaining trips. Secret Pals that don't come through. Knitting patterns that are wrong. Presidents that don't satisfy. Some people like to go on forever. Perhaps it's more affordable than a shrink.

Right now I have a lot to be upset about. But I really don't want to share the details with you.

1) for privacy reasons
2) it's unbecoming
3) it's really not all that interesting

What I do want to share is that when things get cruddy, you just have to grab onto something, heck, anything that can raise your spirits.

For me it's the Beatles. Specifically the song Help. It reminds me that yes, things suck, but they suck momentarily.

Because all things will pass. And help is on the way.

Actually Let It Be makes me feel a lot better too. And I don't even have to listen to it. I have an automatic Beatles jukebox in my head. Perhaps from my parents playing the oldies station on the radio as a child. Which is probably why it's such a comfort when I'm in need.

Of course it also doesn't hurt to soak in the tub with a glass of wine and the Knit Picks and Patternworks catalogs.

Like they say; knitting is cheaper than therapy.

Maybe you'll see me at Marin Fiber Arts. Lord knows Warren has practically anything you could possibly want from those catalogs for you to view in person. Me, I'm eyeing the Reynolds Whiske (either in America or Tennessee), Lorna's Laces Worsted in Desert Flower, and some lace weight yarn whose name eludes me. And there have been sock yarns that have been calling my name, but I seriously do not have enough feet to cover with all of the sock yarn I already have. I don't have twenty legs or anything. Nor would I want them.

Now there's a dilemna I'm thankful that's not my problem.

Grenadine Girl

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badmommy said...

Hugs from this quarter - hope to see you Thursday!!