Thursday, July 05, 2007


I played with an iphone today.

It seems like a more complicated version of my motorola razr. It's bad enough I spend so much time on my laptop do I really want to be glued to the internets constantly?

Yes. More so for the on hand google maps application than for anything else. Though they would be more helpful for me if it went worldwide.

I'm just going to wait until next year when they've worked out all the bugs.

Though I'm still disappointed that they went with CingulaRATT. Spying bastards.

I really have to wonder what kind of benefits did ATT offer apple to get on their network?

I'm a little scared to ask...


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Kiwi said...

Apple went to Verizon first, but were turned down because Apple wanted to have control over how things were set up. Cingular was the only one to let them do whatever they wanted.
Not too scary, right? :o)