Monday, July 02, 2007

One of Those Reality Whacking You Upside The Head Moments

The last couple of weeks have been rather strange for me. For one thing I haven't been jetting off to one location to another. I haven't seen an airport security checkpoint in over 21 days. For another thing, old friends keep popping back into my life, making me get out of the house. And then I'm meeting all these new people from work. This adds up to my routine being all broken up.

Anyhoo I was eating my lunch today and reading Knitscene and I realized that for the first time in months I had thought about something other than knitting. I had gone dancing, gone to parties, had conversations. Then flipping through the patterns in the magazine, I realized all the projects inside were crap, or at least unappealing to me. Then I was sitting on the couch watching the English Patient and by the end of the movie I realized that I hadn't knit a single round on my sock.

In short I had a private intervention and realized that I've been knitting too much. I forgot that there are other things that I enjoy doing.

This is a problem because I'm supposed to be writing a knitting book.

This isn't to say that knitting is bad, or that I'm quitting. There just needs to be a balance.


Brena said...

I agree, a break from knitting is nice every once and awhile.

Alison said...

Warren mentioned he knew someone writing a knitting book--was that you? Anything I can help out with from my experience getting mine published, please feel free to ask.

--Alison Hyde