Monday, July 30, 2007

General Silliness

Yes I'm still in Vancouver.

Sometimes it's nice to get away from your significant other. I know he's doing fine without me. He's finally found an Xbox Elite, which means I'll probably never see him again. However it's been months since I've traveled without him and being without him for a few days I've realized one really important role he plays in my life that I've totally forgotten.

He's a good drinking partner. Every now and than if we're tying one on (and this is pretty rare) Luke sometimes has the foresight to know when it's a good time to stop. And he's always right, even if I feel fine (or perhaps very good) just after I stop I realize that one more drink would have ruined the evening.

Boy do I wish he was here Saturday night. It was painful, it was embarrassing, it was enough to make me want to quit for good.

All I can say is that there have been worse incidents. But this one ranks in the top 3 of ridiculously bad drunken behavior. It was one of those times when you really didn't see it coming, but as soon as you stood up the party was over.

Thankfully my friends are forgiving, but they won't ever let me live this one down.

c'est la vie.


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