Monday, April 25, 2005


This is one of the better Mondays I've had. Something right must have happened because when I rolled out of bed I didn't agonize over what to wear to work, I put on a little bit of makeup and wore my sassy shoes, which for this occasion were a pair of Clarks wedge mary-janes. I felt good this morning. I slept soundly the night before. My mind is clear and alert.

Work was good too. My mind was organized, though I was feeling so good I pondered my personal goals instead of work ones. I wrote today, though not the morning babble, but wrote outlines for a tv show, which I suppose is something.

The drive home was problem free, no traffic even and I had packages in the mail. A Rollingstone magazine, a new sweater from the Gap and the Hot Springs Arkansas tourism material I had requested.

The Rivers Cuomo interview creeped me out. Apparently our beloved Weezer front man has turned to extreme meditation to alleviate his anxiety, which aparently includes being alone in a dark room for hours. Something about that doesn't seem healthy. He's also given up all of his worldly goods and god help us has become celibate. I've decided not to judge him. Maybe this makes his life a better place to be. Who am I to judge? I guess its just so anti-rock star.

I've got dinner in the oven. I think i'll veg out in front of the tv with my wavy scarf...

bye for now

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Jenn said...

SO glad you had a great's hoping you have a great Tursday also!