Monday, April 11, 2005

So i was thinking...

I was knitting today with the television off. I can't believe how annoying tv is nowadays. I got that stupid hard disk recorder thingy so that I could record all of my favorite shows, but its amazing how few and far between those are. And in fact, since I've only been watching my favorite shows I have actually grown sick of them. No more iron chef, no more what not to wear, but I still love Kath and Kim. The tv is staying off for a while, though I might sneak a West Wing here and there.

So once again, I was knitting with the tv off and I actually started thinking, which is kind of nice because of late my thinking has been rather cloudy. I thought about what a good weekend I had (shopping and snacking on Haight Street) I thought about how disappointed I was in the film Fever Pitch and I thought about our upcoming trip to Australia.

We went to the Haight on Saturday because my hubby is a guitar fanatic, I mean a Fender guitar fanatic and we went on a search for the perfect Fender Strat, which for Luke would be a 60's reissue sunburst with a rosewood neck and a orangey-yellow headstock, which we did manage to find after visting two other stores, including our local music store and Guitar Center. Not that we can afford a guitar, but it's nice to dream. The trip to Guitar Center was scary. This is the shopping mall of guitars and they're everywhere, however there are so many of them that you can't really get perspective. The funniest thing were the "relic" fenders, guitars made all scratched up for you. I'm telling you, they take a perfectly good guitar and put scratches on it. I suppose it might make you feel a little more authentic. blah.

Sunday I went to see Fever Pitch with a friend and I had fun hanging out with the friend, but the movie was so-so. It was actually a bit of a let down. I thought a romantic comedy featuring the Red Sox would be a dream come true, but I was disappointed in the screenplay. There were so many opportunities for laughs and human commentary, but they just gave you slapstick. And they gave Ione Skye (of Say Anything fame) these terrible scenes with bitchy women that made you want to scream. I get it, women can be catty with one another, but it was totally one-dimensional. And I had another realization. I don't think Drew Barrymore was very good in this movie, or perhaps it was the writing. She was great in that Wedding Singer movie, but she wasn't very believable as a career woman, but then again it just didn't seem written well enough for her capabilities anyway.


we're getting better I think...


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