Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Short Week

I've just returned from the gym. I've been working out a little harder, riding the stationary bike instead of walking the treadmill. I like the bike because I can read tabloid celebrity trash while I cycle. From now I'm only allowed to read magazines at the gym. I've got to make the most of my time. I'm lifting weights too. Gotta get those endorphins. It was an o.k. day today. The phone rang off the hook at work and I lost my patience with a customer. I have to stop answering the phones at work. I'm losing my mind over it. Unfortunately this is a major requirement of working in customer service.

On the lighter side one of our work associates sent us some cheesecake, which is my number one food group. All of that creamy yumminess was worth the major sugar crash at 4pm, which come to think of it was around the same time I snapped at the customer. Sugar and caffein, two things that I should avoid. There were two cheesecakes to sample and surprisingly the brownie chocolate cheesecake surpassed the plain one in flavor, the plain one being too sugary and vanilla-y for me. These came from world famous Junior's in Brooklyn by the way.

Come to think of it I can't think of a better week i've had at work. This is probably because I'm taking Thursday and Friday off, but you really can't beat days off and cheesecake in one week. But now I remember that my mom is treating me to a spa day and I realize that this may be one of the best weeks of my life, aside from the week of my wedding.

As for knitting. I am determined to finish the wavy scarf this week. it's almost summer around here and I can't abide an unfinished scarf project to begin the summer. I don't know if I will be knitting much after the wavy scarf. I think I may have over-done it since the flower basket and the wavy scarf, but that said I have a baby blanket to finish as well, but at least that's a simple project, little garter stitch squares of Plymouth colorspun Bulky in the colors of the sea, greens, teals and blues. I think of them as Earth Day Colors.

Anyway I hope you're all doing well.

Grenadine Girl.

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