Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Too Much of A Good Thing

You know how yesterday I wrote how sugar and caffein were two things that I should avoid? I totally ignored that sentiment this morning when I dug into my breakfast of cheesecake and coffee. Man I was flying high as a kite at work. Everyone must have thought I was krazy -and that's no typo, I mean crazy-with-a-k, nutty as a fruitcake madness. Then came the crash, which I was expecting so I was able to ride it out with a bit of lunch, but what I wasn't expecting was the gigundo HEADACHE.

I've learned my lesson.

So I have two days off work and I'm already relaxing. I've totally written off cooking an appropriate dinner. Instead I had salt and pepper kettle chips and sharp cheddar cheese for dinner. It was yummy. Tomorrow I will be treated to a facial and I want to go with my mom to a yarn store and a book store. Plus I have some serious writing to do. yay.

BTW I have some gorgeous Cascade 220 (3 skeins) to use up. Any suggestions?


1 comment:

illanna said...

What color are they? You could make this tank top (that I designed):

I am still working on the different sizes, but that'll be done by the weekend :)