Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Japanese Wedding

Man we have so many photos. I've got weeks of blog material here. And we haven't even gotten to Tokyo yet.

Anyhoo here are more photos from the wedding. It was a Western affair in a chapel at the St Valetine's Hotel in Sakuto. The chapel sits at the top of the hill, and they ring the chapel bells everytime someone gets married. I imagine that makes the town a bit festive. I can imagine Japanese families, hanging out in their courtyards, tending to their gardens and hearing the bell ring.

That's the cool thing about Japanese homes, outside of the urban areas, nearly every home has a garden, a very well-tended garden. It made me feel like a lazy Westerner. I certainly have the backyard to have my own garden, but can I be bothered to get my hands dirty?

No, it would take away from my knitting. Sigh.

And I know myself well enough that I am incapable of managing a garden. I'm too inconsistant. I'll forget to water the plants or I'll water them too much.

I'd rather cook the food. I'm willing to bet that my husband would be the better gardener.

Anyhoo onto the wedding photos, thank you for your patience on the random gardening rant.

The father and the bride. Sister in law was already tearing up. She looked so happy.

The father gives the bride away then the groom mets the bride and escorts her to the alter.

It was so cute.

They each take a glass of what I think is supposed to be wine. The whole ceremony was in Japanese so I'm unsure exactly what this is supposed to represent.

Here they were reading their vows in unison.

Here they each had a candle, which they used together to light one candle.

Here my brother is signing the vows.

Sister in law signing the vows.

Surprise! I'm in the wedding, I get to sign the vows as a witness. I was very honored.

Here is my "I don't know what I'm doing, I hope this is ok" bow

Then they show everyone that the vows have been signed.

Grandpa read a small speech.

Then the wedding ceremony was finished.

We threw origami cranes at the couple as they came down the aisle.

All the guests lined up outside to await the married couple. They gave us rose petals to toss.

That's my sister in law's mother, sister, and grandfather. The sister was my co-witness. She's very sweet.

The wedded couple appears at the door. To the left is the bell cord, which they rang to announce their wedding.

Those are my sister in law's auntie, uncle and super cute cousins. They can't wait to toss the rose petals.

There's nothing better or more beautiful at a wedding than the tossing of rose petals. It was the favorite part of my wedding too.

They stopped at midway down the stairs and we didn't know why, but then there was a pop!

And some balloons were released into the air.

They really know how to put on a good show! It was a wonderful, heartfelt ceremony and we had a wonderful time.

Next time: The reception. Can you say impromptu karaoke???

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