Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Yes I Did Go To Japan, I Have The Jet Lag To Show For It.

And all these crazy photos.
We were in Japan for a wedding and we're so thrilled to have a Japanese wing to our family. I can't imagine anyone more welcoming and eager to show us a good time. I can't wait for the in-laws to come to San Francisco and show them around. The visit to Japan to their hometown really cemented us as a family and I hope to see them again soon.

So on to the photos:

So here's me at the Shizutani School.

After visiting the school, we went back to the in-laws for a phenomenal Japanese feast. It was such an honor to get to have such a meal in a Japanese home. It made us feel so welcome!

The house had a tatami mat dining room. A shrine is also kept in the room. There was something like 20 people in there!

Here's a photo of the food, platters like this were up and down the table. I've never seen so much sushi! And the grandma made special rice balls, with beans that are only made for special occasions.

My favorite Japanese tradition is how people pour drinks. You are never supposed to pour your own beverage. You pour other people drinks and then they pour one for you. It's a very social tradition. People come and visit you from the other end of the table to pour you a drink. It is warm and festive.

My sister in law Erina to the right and her mother on the left and sister in the middle. Such a beautiful family!

These are my brothers with Erina's grandparents and great Auntie. So cute!!!

Me with my cousin Sharon, I think you can see the family resemblence!

That's my brother Victor on the right and Sharon's husband Brandon on the left. Victor would like you to know that Brandon smells.

Just in case you forgot we were there for a wedding, and here's a preview of the photos:

Here's our knitting content for the day: I made that lacy shruggy thing from the Lace Style book, with Goddess Carmen, 100% cotton. It was yummy to work with and was perfect for the wedding, though I didn't know that it was preferable to wear conservative black. I understand why. In American culture, you don't wear white to compete with the bride. You don't wear black because it's a bit funeral-y. But in Japan you don't wear color because the bride wears such a colorful kimono that you don't want to compete, not that my dress in any way could compete with such a beautiful kimono, but wearing more sublte tones makes the bride stand out even more. You know, FYI incase you ever attend a Japanese wedding.

more photos to come!


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