Saturday, May 05, 2007

TCGIACG World Edition

Writing to you from Okayama Japan!!!

Ive been in japan for nearly a week and we finally found....


Unfortunately for me, i:m out of yen and the banks are closed so I was only able to buy one lonely ball of mohair, but it was one of the most beautiful balls of variegated mohair Ive seen.

photos will come eventually. probably sometime in June.

It:s been a crazy week in japan. I:m surprised how with my little bit of japanese language I an accomplish a little bit of communicating.

We spent a few days in the mountains above Okayama City in Mimasaka City, Aida, Sakuto. We stayed in a few ryokan (traditional Japanese hotels). It was out of this world strange and took a little getting used to.

We:ve spent the last day or two in Okayama City where we went to Korakuen and Okayama-jo. Did a little shopping around here, but everything:s rather expensive. That didn:t stop me from buying a few pieces of the local bizenware.

Im really looking forward to Tokyo i think that:s where I:m goign to find the strange bizarre stuff that everyone talks about in Japan.

So far the most bizarre thing has been Mr. G, who bought himself a hat. Unbeknownst to him, the hat was the traditional grandma hat. You go to a department store and there are 100s of versions of this one bucket hat and they:re all for grandmas. So I:ve been walking around with Mr. G wearing this hat and getting laughs all around town.

I thought he looked a little like Jamiroquai, but the locals kept saying *Johnny Depp* and I realized that Luke resembled Johnny Depp from his Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas days....

Im marrried to the Aussie Hunter S Thompson...


The next time we come, it will probably be all the rage.

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MIL said...

Hello crafty girl, I hope you have been able to get some yen and buy some great yarn.
I am sure luke looks fabulous in the granny hat, would love some pics to show his nana.
I hope things have settled down and you can enjoy your japanese experience.
Love MIL.xx