Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Day Sunshine

The Socal weather is finally here. The sun is out and I've had to break out the flip flops.

I took a stroll down Main Street in Santa Monica. It's not Haight Street in SF. My only complaint about LA is that it's at the end of two extremes. Shopping areas are either brand name shopping malls or shopping districts of inconsistent shops spread over many blocks. Main street was the latter, with most shops either hit or miss. It's a whole lot of walking. Perhaps I wasn't in the shopping mood.

The only store that spoke to me was the MOCA shop where I found some nifty cards and some socks. Almost everything in the store made me think of my friends beergeek and Izzy. And it's funny because Izzy once lived in LA and hated it.

I got really hungry and I walked into not 1, but 2 casual cafes and neither of them were too quick about the service so I left. I eventually found a cute little diner and it was worth the extra walking. I had a yummy lunch at Joe's Diner where I encountered Titch, an Australian expat wearing a Boston Red Sock hat. He's been living in the states for the last 20 years and switches his accent back and forth between American and Australian. I had a delicious taco salad, and the service was entertaining and prompt. The dinner menu looks tasty (and half the price of the swankier joints on the street) so I'll probably go back.

In the end I shouldn't be surprised to meet an Aussie in this neck of the woods. Santa Monica reminds me of some of the beach front cities and towns of Australia. The weather is similar, but the beaches are better in Australia (they're pretty hard to beat!)

So today I was a traveller and not a tourist, which you will understand if you've read the yarn harlot's latest book.


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