Friday, April 06, 2007

My Little Snowglobe World Is Shaken

A funny thing happened to me last weekend. As I was reaching to pick up my handbag I bumped my head on a bookcase. Mr. G witnessed the head bumping and asked me if I was alright. "No" I said. Not only was I in pain, but bumping my head is usually a harbinger of bad things. Not terrible, just unexpected unfortunate things. When I told Mr. G this he laughed it off and called me silly.

Indeed the first few days after banging my head were fine, uneventful even, but then yesterday I got laid off by the Fabulous Yarn Company. I had an inkling, but perhaps I didn't want to accept it. The bosses were great, very sympathetic and unhappy that they had to lay off an employee. I think they felt worse about it than I did. I'm one to accept things as they come to me, and later one feel awful about them. There are no hard feelings about FYC and I will always say nice things about their yarn.

That said though, there's still disappointment and what does the wise women do when laid off and suddenly unemployed?

She does as the Manolo and goes shoe shopping.

And she buys a pair of jeans because when you find a pair that fits you cannot let them go, even if you're unemployed.

But truly, I'm doing alright, even if my brain couldn't stop thinking last night and I couldn't get to sleep. This time will be a gift b/c I can't really get a new job before I go to Japan and I don't want to find just any job. I want to find the right job. I also want to consider going back to school.

So what am I going to do with the next couple of weeks before Japan?

Well, I'm going to write a book proposal. I have a heap of knitting pattern ideas and I have been collecting the yarn to make them.

I really don't have anything to lose.

Suddenly I feel much better,


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