Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just Because You're Not Working Doesn't Mean Things Don't Get Crazy

So last I wrote, our trip to LA had been postponed again.

Friday was largely uneventful. I spent the whole day working on this one knitting pattern and writing another one so my knit nighter friends could knit me some samples.

Just as I finished typing out the pattern I got this horrible headache. Worse than anything I'd ever had before, like tectonic plates moving together in my head. And my arm went dead, totally numb and so did my face and mouth. I was entirely freaked out. Mr. G was still at work and I thought this was just something temporary, and it would go away. I took a shower, but it only got worse. Mr. G called to tell me he was on his way home and I could only cry and explain that my head was killing me.

Mr. G had never seen me in this much pain and insisted on taking me to the emergency room. One there they determined that I showed the symptoms of brain hemmoraging, but that it was probably an atypical migraine.

One cat scan and a spinal tap later: it was an atypical migraine.

So apparently on top of the other annoying problems I have with my body I also get migraine headaches.

We didn't get home from the hospital until 3am. I feel asleep and didn't wake up until 12:30pm. Mr. G had to go back to work again but said I needed to rest and needed to stay in bed. So I slept the whole rest of the day, only stopping for the occasional read and a glass of water. I think yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn't actually knit.

We've concluded that perhaps I've been stressing myself out about this unemployment business and that I haven't appropriately grieved the old job. I won't argue with that. So I'm going to go hang out with my mom for a few days, get my hair done, do my nails that sort of thing.

guess we'll call it a vacation.



Adrienne said...

I'm really sorry to hear about that horrible experience, but also very glad to hear that they could diagnose it and now you know what it is, in case it happens again. In my late 20s I developed a whole cadre of new body things ... and it's very common for women, for whatever reason, to see changes in much more than their metabolism between 25 and 35. I got migraines, chronic severe heartburn and sudden succeptibility to cold, amongst other things. HUGS

knitabulous said...

They gave you a LUMBAR PUNCTIURE!!!??? Fsking hell that wouldn't happen in Australia. OMG you poor thing.