Friday, April 13, 2007

Unemployment Week 2: where the author starts freaking out about money

I'm a lucky girl. I've spent the last week out of work, at home, knitting, writing projects for a book proposal. This is a good thing. Perhaps I have put myself to work to forget the fact that in a few weeks I'll be entirely broke.

And now I'm totally freaking out about it. I know I qualify for unemployment, but how long is that going to last? And don't they make you try to find a job when you're on unemployment? I don't want to go back to work until this book proposal is finished and if I do go back to work I don't just want to choose any job. I want it to be a good job with nice people close to home working less than 30 hours a week... preferably in a crafty setting, but not work weekends.

To alleviate this freakout, a pot of boiling water is on the stove in preparation for a delicious carb-fest, lemon pasta with asparagus, onions, fresh tomatoes and feta.

I'm also knitting another swatch for the book, continuing with the Rowan denim swatch, but trying to make the stitch pattern larger and more spread out, and testing out a larger needle. I've determined that the larger needle is too large and I have to rip out a few rows because I've messed it up. Darn it.

The good news is that I made it to knit night, due to a last minute postponement of my trip to LA. I even took some photos. And I splurged and bought a skein of the Claudia's Handpainted mohair boucle. Somebody slap my wrist.

Anyway if you are a craft-related enterprise and you're hiring: email me.

I'm hoping that Mr. G comes home early from work tonight so that we can drink beer and play video games.



Brena said...

Drinking beer and playing video games and a carb-fest sounds like a perfect Friday night!

MIL said...

Hi there Angela, have finally worked out what my password and log are so I can tell you that i do read your blog daily and am glad to hear that you are going fine.
Love from warm Australia,