Friday, April 20, 2007

Rebuilding Myself One Day At A Time

Sometimes you just really have to treat yourself. My sister in law is in the beauty business and I went to her salon and had the works, manicure, pedicure, facial and hair. I felt so renewed that I scheduled an appointment for highlights next week.

I feel reborn.

If you find yourself in Santa Monica go to Chu Nin's Beauty Salon on Wilshire in Santa Monica. It's right by the Third Street Promenade. Ask for Erina. She does a phenomenal facial, using all Aveda products, which are so yummy. It was so relaxing that I ended up drooling on the facial table, which was a little embarrassing, but still worth it.

Also noticed something funny about LA. If you're wearing sunglasses, people are more likely to check you out. And there's alwasy the possibility of bumping into a celebrity, so you find yourself checking people out more than usual.

Of course we're pretty jaded about celebrity because where I live we have quite a few and it's rather gauche to gawk at them. I run into the guys from Metallica all the time. James Hetfield is always driving some bomber around and I frequently end up next to him at the stop light, so much so that he might think I'm stalking him. I've seen Lars Ulrich bowling and Kirk Hammett getting angry with a United Airlines desk agent. These Metallica run-ins make me chuckle because when I first discovered that I was moving to Northern California one of my good friends was a Van Halen and Metallica fan and was jealous that I might run into them, which I thought was absurd, but there you go I see them all the time.

So we're now on day 3 of no headaches. But then I haven't really tried doing anything with the knitting book. I'm hoping that these headaches aren't in any way related. I would like to have at least one big apron pattern written before I return home.

I found some new clothes today. Macy's was having a huge sale and for once I've benefitted from being normal sized. All the skinny clothes were gone, leaving my size 8/10 on the sale rack with HUGE mark downs. I got three pair of jeans for the price of 1 really pricey pair. It pays to shop in LA, and there was so much better selection than in my local Macys.

So this evening will be a quiet one. I'm going to put on some new clothes and go downstairs to the lobby for dinner. Then I'm going to knit and watch tv.

Ah the good life.


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