Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Productive Action Filled Weekend

It started Friday with a trip to the grocery store. Luke and I get paid, so we get food. It was a veritable spree of the shopping kind. Never will we starve again, except for two weeks from now when we're 2 days before pay and eating canned soup. It's not really starving is it?

Saturday involved much cleaning and bookstore browsing as well as documentary watching.

Sunday we not only went to the Legion of Honor (, we also went to the gym and rented another movie. And the house is still clean, no more Christmas decorations to be seen.

Here are some photos:

Standing with a Jacques Louis David Painting -one of my favorites
Angela with a Jacques Louis David Painting

It's mighty glamorous hanging out with these old paintings

Always thinking of Paris...Seurat paints the Eiffel Tower best:

Was this me in a past life?

Unfortunately the workout has given me a bit of a headache so hanging out with the computer is a big of a chore so excuse me while I go to bed early.

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jenny jen said...

Oh how I miss the Legion of Honor!! I took many a field trip there and love it so! (And your hair looks adorable, by the way)

Miss you tons,