Sunday, January 02, 2005

Resolution Status

So far, so good on this whole resolution thing. I have worked on the screenplay for the last two days. We're still in character development mode, we have finally grasped the term "characer-based screenplay". All of the actions in a film, should be based on the character's needs and inner desires. The failure or sucess of these actions present opportunities for the character to grow. I have to get a story synopsis, character description and how this all relates to my story's theme within the next two weeks. Seeing as all of this writing has left little time for knitting, I am including it as a craft.

I am still a little sick, getting over the cold, which means I am camped out in the living room, propped up by bean bag chairs and cocooned with blankets. Thank god for the newspaper, wireless internet and knitting. It's raining cats and dogs. Luke's editting more dvds. I should be cleaning the house today. I'm sick of looking at the Christmas tree and my office is a disaster area. With all of the rain we're having a serious ant invasion. We've got to get some ant traps.

So being camped out in front the of tv, I have been subjected to various atrocities of television. Imagine my excitement at discovering a tv show about knitting, but them I realized that I was knitting while watching a show about knitting and thought maybe that was a little too much. Then I realized that in the 200+ channels I had on cable, there was nothing else on except for the knitting show. Please god bring back Iron Chef... or perhaps we need to get Tivo.

After the tv knitting thing, I mustered the energy to hoof it to my local video store and rented 5 movies. Considering how little I went to the movies in 2004 I owed it to myself to catch up. I rented Something's Gotta Give, Wimbledon, Shawn of the Dead (which I already saw in the theatre, but Luke hadn't seen it yet), Under the Tuscan Sun and Spiderman 2. Luke rented that terrible King Arthur movie with Clive Owen in it. You have to have a dud in there just so you can appreciate decent screenwriting. Oh and we also saw Bourne Supremacy. I was impressed that out of all of these films, only one was truly BAD. Seriously, Hollywood must be doing something right.

OK I've got to go b/c now I'm watching the food network and it's made me all hungry. I had hot and sour soup from Ming's Garden yesterday. It's the best when you've got a cold. It was better than dayquil.

hope this wasn't too boring for you.

ps thanks to jenny for the beautiful photo album... I LOVE it

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jenny jen said...

You're Welcome! Glad you like it. Don't you like a classic movie star? I sure thought so. I love photography..need to do more of it.

I totally agree about King Arthur. I love Iaon Gruffudd, but fell asleep twice during it and I wasn't even tired...just bored out of my skull with it, but i was determined to finish it!!

Hope you had a great new year!