Sunday, January 30, 2005

Wordy Blog Time

It's been a while since I've done a proper non gimmicky non photo blog. At least I haven't since I had a cold on New Year's Eve. Perhaps this it's time to review the status of my new year's resolutions.

As a reminder here are my new year's resolutions as posted on New Year's Eve:

Next year Luke and I will travel to Europe, I will pay off my credit debt (which is quite manageable, thank god), I will install a car stereo in my car, lose ten lbs, write a screenplay, continue to move forward in my career, become a more frequent blogger, further improve my cooking skills, watch more movies, hang out with my friends and spend time with my family. I want to continue a well-rounded life.

Now that I'm reading my list of goals, they are totally different from what I thought were my goals. It must have been the Theraflu talking.

Sadly I haven't done anything to install a new car stereo. I guess it's low on the priority list. I was working out regularly, but I've slacked off and will hop back to it soon.

Anyway we have already accomplished a goal, I paid off the credit debt. yay! That's one crossed off the list.

As to the Europe plan, we haven't made anything official yet, we're still focused on other things. I may start looking into it next week and buy a France travel book and an Amsterdam book.

I'm still in the early developmental stages of a screenplay, which has been stalled in recent weeks, but I may need to get more research materials to get kicked into gear. However, we have developed a good plot structure, we just need to get more research done to add flesh to the bones.

I'm doing well at work, and as much as I want to confess the typical frustrations with one's job I don't want to get fired for talking about work on my blog because I really like my job. All I'll say is this: it's not always easy to maintain a calm, helpful demeanor in the world of customer service. I just really need a vacation.

I have blogged more -17 times so far this month, that's a definate improvement.

Sadly, I haven't had much time to hang out with my friends, what with time and money constraints. However I've spent more time with my family since dad had the heart attack.

The one thing I left off of the original resolution list was that I wanted to improve my French and I am definately getting that done. I'm listening to French lessons on my IPOD while I work out and watching French films.

I hope you're all doing well out there in blogland.
PS: I'm really having lots of fun with secret pal...

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