Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Boot Search Continues

And it becomes more complicated.

Never one to be satisfied with three choices I've found a few additional contenders for my perfect fall boot.

But perhaps we need to go over some of the parameters for what makes the perfect fall boot for me.

1) boot must be black, gray or blue - Brown tends to wash out my freckles.

2) boot must be mid-calf to mid knee.

3) preferably a wedge heel

4) leather must not be too glossy and absolutely NOT patent, despite current trends.

5) They must be between $100 and $300 of the American dollars.

6) They must be for everyday casual wear for jeans and skirts.

Voila the additional contenders:

We're on a Nine West Kick right now:

These so far are my favorite. They seem the most fashionable of all my choices.

I really like these, but I would prefer them if they were mid-calf.

I kinda like these, but I'm afraid that the buckles will make too much noise when I walk...

This pair is from Born, and I like them for the heel (i know -not wedge) and the nifty Victorian-like button detail

So please help! (The Manolo are you out there?)
I can't decide...


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Vegan Knitting said...

My favorites so far are number one of your last post, and number two of this post.