Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Live In San Francisco And You Don't #3

It's officially autumn and right now it's my favorite time of year to visit the local museums.

The summer crowds begin to disappear. The parks surrounding the museum start to lose their leaves.

Some cities are lucky to have 1 museum to serve their cultural needs. We have four outstanding institutions. The SFMOMA downtown, The Asian Art Museum in Civic Center, The DeYoung in Golden Gate Park and The Legion of Honor at Land's End. Soon there will be a fifth in the Presidio. I've always wanted to try going to all four museums in one day, but your brain can get kind of screwed up with so much information.

Out of the three the Legion of Honor is my favorite. They have a superb collection of Rodin sculptures. And the Legion of Honor is across the road from a golf course and I like to watch the drunken golfers crash their carts and make rude gestures with their golf clubs. I'm serious, they whiz by you, beercan in hand ala Homer Simpson.

You just can't believe that everything you stereotype about golfers is true. And then you notice that the only person actually swinging their club is a woman.

I love this city.


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