Saturday, September 15, 2007


Ok kids,

I've gotten the hair into its autumnal red hues so that means it's time to finalize the perfect fall boot:

it's down to either:


Please note that I already have a rocking pair of knee-high boots with a tall heel and the boots I'm looking for now are meant for every-day use.



Sheila said...

I really love the boots made by Duo in England. They are awesome quality and they do them in the widest range of calf fittings you can get anywhere as well.
These two examples would be great for an everyday boot:

Grenadine Girl said...

Yeah I just checked out those boots and they are indeed fall boot material, but I'm not so into having them shipping all the way from England. And the shoes I've chosen so far are under $200... but boy they are lovely boots!

selva said...

Wow man........ This is amazing to go on... I had a nice experience ordering Joseph seibel online and I used to wear it on my weekend parties......