Monday, September 10, 2007

I didn't see it coming

Good friend James Stafford died today. He was 83 years old.

He became a surrogate uncle to me when my family made the jump from the east coast to the west. He was a feisty one. He loved reading Rolling Stone for the politics and drinking scotch. He served in world war two in France, just as it was being freed from the nazis. He recalled offering a Coke to a French woman who proclaimed that it was trop fort (or too strong). Since I knew him he would often send me postcards from his travels. He was a thoughtful and thought provoking friend.

It is also my wedding anniversary. These photos were taken three years ago today and they will be how I remember him forever.

The sad thing is that I mailed him a get well card this morning. And now he will never get it. And I was supposed to visit him in the hospital tomorrow.

I'm so sad.

Grenadine Girl

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rob said...

So sad! but the physical body isn`t the person and so the brain isn`t the mind. He will live on in your heart and thoughts for ever, and will never be far away, if you would like it that way!