Monday, September 24, 2007

You Said You'd Marry Me If I Was 23

The Paolo Nutini show was ok. It was really great if you were a girl under 18. The audience was mainly them and their middle aged parents. And then me and my husband. It was a half empty show, which makes sense since this was a the replacement gig for the Amy Winehouse show that P.N. was supposed to open for. Music was ok. Didn't stay for the encore. Mr. G remains a fan.

Yesterday's trip into the Haight was ok. I should have gotten out of the door earlier, but I was busy buying concert tickets and Mr G needed some attention because of his cold. I hit the main shops I was looking for. Found a skirt for the school reunion. It's an AWESOME skirt, the only problem being that it's so awesome that it will be difficult to find an appropriate matching top. Did also find a nice pair of black jeans that just need to be overdyed.

Had lunch with mom and dad. Its so convenient that they live close to the city now. I'm much more likely to stop by now. Watched some football and the end of the Dirty Dozen with dad. Football always makes me laugh.

Also saw Death at a Funeral, I laugh too loudly at the movies, but then I love to laugh, and the sound of it makes me laugh more.


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