Saturday, September 01, 2007

The New Fall Boot

Such is life. I'm on the magnificent search for the perfect fall mid-calf boot, but I end up buying the fabulous late summer Camper sandal on the 50% sale instead.

Well worth the shopping detour!

But I return to my quest.

Strangely enough I find myself returning to an old friend: the Dr. Marten boot.

There are lots of different choices, and not just the old 8-hole standbys either:

First the fabulous hunter/gatherer boot -naturally I'd want it in black

Then there is the somewhat outlandish blue velvet DM's, which appeal to the blue-haired raver girl in me:

Or do I want to get the ultra-modern slouchy leather/suede combo?

When you put it all on one page the choice becomes clear. But if you have any suggestions or alternatives, let me know.

By the way the tickets arrived for the Class Reunion, along with a small note in tiny print: Dress code IS NO DENIM -only dresses, skirts or slacks* for the ladies.

So I guess we're going to revert to high school anyway and wear the knee-high black boots and LBD. Might as well dye the hair red for the occasion too, just in case people don't recognize me.

Grenadine Girl

*slacks is one of my least favorite words. Something gross about slacks.

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