Monday, March 20, 2006


What's new?

Nothing much here. Yucky March continues. I've been laying low for the most part. There have been many movies. Word to the wise, do not watch The Weatherman unless you like to feel awkward and uncomfortable for two hours. I could only take it for 45 minutes. To remedy the intense discomfort I went to Borders and bought the new Pride and Prejudice. It was good, but it couldn't hold a candle to the BBC version. They just had to take out too much of the story to make it into a two hour movie.

I've been turning to interior design to alleviate the spring of my discontent (keep in mind that spring is not even 24 hours old). I've been looking around at my furniture and it depresses me. Our home phone lives on a computer desk in the dining room. We have too many too-cheap-even-for-Ikea bookshelves that mismatch and are too small to hold our books and cds efficiently. Seriously I think we have 6 three-shelf bookshelves. We have the most disgusting blinds. So I'm daydreaming of changing everything. Selling all of our current furniture at a garage sale, getting rid of all of the junk and getting new glass front bookshelves, new framed prints. We need some new feng shui around here.

I should consider myself very lucky and get over this middle class malaise.

At least I've been knitting up a storm. I started the second pink sock. And I'm making more chenille washcloths, projects that finish quickly. I should put some photos on here and make this blog a little cheerier.

oh la la


I'm telling you April has got to have something good in store for me.


Adrienne said...

I just didn't have time to tell you today how AWESOME your sock looks!! Does it fit?! It looks stellar!!!

knitabulous said...

Well snap! I just watched the new P&P and thought it wasn't a patch on the BBC version. Keira Knightly just too young, and losing Austen's dialogue is tantamount to just writing a different movie. Bring back Colin Firth.