Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Hate Being Sick Part 2

Ok I still have a cold. Usually my colds last 3 days, 4 tops, but this sucker's been hanging around since Sunday and it got worse today.

Yesterday I stayed home from work, and this funny thing happened. It happens every time I get sick. I spend more time at home and the more time I spend here, the more I realize how badly the house needs to be cleaned. The bathroom floor needs to be mopped, laundry needs to be done, the kitchen's a mess and changing the bed linen would be nice. This is a problem, because I'm sick and I'm too tired to clean. Mr. G will tell you that the urge for me to clean just doesn't come naturally, so it's particularly frustrating when I actually want to clean and can't. Arg.

And I'm too tired to knit. All the free time in the world, and all I can do is sit and moan. uhhhhhhhhh. sneeze, cough, blow my nose. uhhhhhhh. You know that sound, it's the sound of someone who's ready to give up.

When you're sick you also notice how bad daytime television is. I admit, I did watch some Price is Right, but man it's so not as exciting as it used to be. The prizes used to be so cool. Wow, a new car, or wow a trip around the world or wow a new living room set. Perhaps I'm a little jaded myself. Aside from the PIR, I ended up watching "French In Action" which surprised me b/c I didn't realize how much more French I could learn from watching TV. However, the first episode was interesting, the second mildy amusing, but by the third episode I was napping. Thus I headed to my local video store for some immediate assistance in the entertainment department. I also went to Jamba Juice for some sustanence. I couldn't be bothered cooking anything. I wasn't even hungry, but I needed some juice. So I rested on the couch watching In Her Shoes and slurping on an Aloha Pineapple. Dozing off after the credits, I felt much better that evening. So much better that I went to work today.

I thought I was better. I didn't have a stuffy nose, people could understand me when I talked even though I sounded like one of Marge Simpson's sisters, Selma or Thelma. I got a lot done in the morning, but come the afternoon, I was totally useless. I couldn't think straight at all. So I decided to take a break. I went to the local drug store b/c I needed a new toothbrush and some floss and I was back at the office parking lot within ten minutes, which wasn't enough break to get me back to my desk. Here I am in my crappy car, in the parking lot outside my office and I'm taking a nap. The radio is on, the sun is shining, so my car is toasty warm. My mind is entirely clear and I am relaxed. I lean my car seat back to recline and there it was. My bag of Rowan big wool for Luke's sweater. I had left it in the car. And it was nice and warm too like a towel fresh from the dryer. So I lay on my side, snoring, cuddling a skein of Rowan Big Wool. It was a sight to be seen. Those who don't know me would have thought I was a crazy homeless person. But no, I'm a crazy yarn-addicted person.

I did get back to my desk and finished out the day, but I was totally exhausted, and I couldn't miss knit night. COULDN'T!!! So I went, thinking I was alright, but as soon as I start talking, trying to get the group involved in some oscar slagging, I have a major coughing fit. My throat was dry and scratchy and I couldn't swallow, so Warren, the dear that he is made me a cup of green tea. And Papaya Girl tried to calm me down with some knitting patterns. I get so excited at knit night. I'm such a pain in the ass. Always interrupting peoples conversations. If knit night was kindergarten class I would get an "N" for Needs Improvement. I'm just so happy to see everyone. We had an interesting conversation about our past phases. Papaya Girl had a crazy stiletto heel disco pants phase, and I went through the pink hair phase and Lisa used to pluck her eyebrows out and paint on new eyebrows and wear brown lipliner. Lisa is now studying in seminary so this revelation about her past was highly amusing. Of course Warren proclaimed that he's always been the same. He hasn't changed one bit. I offered to knit him a sweater that said that. Perhaps Warren didn't have a wild phase. but I don't believe that for a second. One day we'll learn what crazy phase he endured.

Anyway stick a fork in me b/c I'm done. Who knew that my best writing comes when I'm writing from bed.

Sleep well everyone.

much love,

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