Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Think I'm Losing My Mind

One quilt has turned into three.

Originally I planned to make one quilt inspired by the French flag and the motto of Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood. The French flag is a tricolor of blue, white and red and I was going to make one quilt with the three blocks of color. However, to me it seems too busy to have three blocks of colors in one quilt. I just couldn’t figure out how to achieve a balance of different colors and blocks. Or at least I am not skilled enough at quilting to accomplish this feat without producing one ugly or boring quilt. Thus I will hopefully be making three fabulous quilts with the same theme. It will be a triptych of quilts, one blue, one white and one red, all inspired by my love of French culture.

I have resisted the urge to start a new knitting project. I have made a new rule for myself. I can only start a new knitting project if it is a gift for someone else. Thus I can’t really talk about my knitting projects because they may be for people who read this blog. All I can say is that I need to wind the yarn into balls, which I will do tonight at knit night b/c I bought the yarn from Warren.

In other news I am not a millionaire today. Big let down. Didn’t win the lotto again. Maybe Friday night? The Mega Millions jackpot is nearly $300 mil. That will buy a couple of skeins of yarn won’t it? And that new car. A girl can dream. I call it my $1 piece of hope.

The Project Runway Season 2 finale part 1 was on last night and it pains me to admit that I think Santino is going to win. His collection by far looks the most interesting and innovative of the three, but we haven’t seen everything on the runway yet. Chloe’s collection doesn’t look that interesting. And I’m worried that she chose Diana to assist her. I would have chosen Kara, but I’m sure there’s some bad blood between them after what Kara said when she got kicked off. It just goes to show you that resentment doesn’t get you anywhere, but then again Kara did get kicked off for her unfinished hems. And what was with the minimal coverage of Daniel? Are they trying to deceive us? It seemed like he might end up the winner –he was the most consistent throughout the season. But now with Tim Gunn poo pooing his line, Danny V doesn’t seem like such a shoo-in. We’ll just have to wait until next week and see.


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Christie said...

I think Daniel V is going to win. That coat he made was gorgeous! and the dress he put Rebecca would give the flatest of woman a booty J.Lo would be proud of. Chloe's looked good, but that pink thing was scary! I will admit, that one dress of Santino's that they kept showing was GORGEOUS, but I think it's going to be Daniel.