Thursday, March 16, 2006

These Be The Ides of March

There has to be a rule somewhere that you only start to feel better from a cold after you’ve made a doctor’s appointment. This sucks because they won’t let you cancel your appointment later than 24 hours before. You have to convince the doctor that you were sick in the first place and that you weren’t just being a hypochondriac. “No, really doctor, Joseph’s techincolor dreamcoat really was coming out of my nose!” You sit there feeling bad that you’re wasting the doctor’s time. In the end you just feel silly for being sick in the first place. I suppose our bodies are more capable of healing themselves than we give them credit for.

Perhaps it’s the Ides of March, but this month is not treating me well. And historically March has never been a good time for me. I was once grounded for the entire month of March. I’ve been dumped by boyfriend(s) in March. On the east coast, the weather is awful in March. It’s warm enough that the snow starts to thaw, but it’s all slushy mud and yucky and you’re sick of seeing nothing but black, gray and white. In California, it rains incessantly and you’re sick of seeing just green, gray and black. I should just learn my lesson and get the hell out of the US during the month of March. The year I spent March in Australia was a markedly better year as a whole.

I’d fly there now except that it’s a little too late to redeem the month. Let us recap. My car didn’t pass smog. I got a cold that took me out for a week, the natural gas bill came in (ack!!??), my cat’s got a slight limp, the Oscars bored me, one of my friends has to endure a painful medical procedure. And I’m just cranky in general. I just don’t like March.

Since I’m an optimist I have to consider the good things that have happened. I joined the booty swap and became Mad Anne Rackham. I made plans to the TNNA convention in Indianapolis with Warren from Marin Fiber Arts. I keep drawing sweater designs that I’d like to make. I’ve been hanging out at the yarn shop and getting to know Warren better. It’s nice to have new friends. And tonight is knit night so I have something to look forward to.

Everything can’t be awesome all the time. This is just a low period. May and June are coming up and those are some good months. Just go with the flow I guess. And rent a lot of movies.

Rented an interesting movie. The Girl in the Café starring Kelly McDonald and Bill Nighy. Two of my favorite British actors. Who am I kidding? I haven’t met a British performer that I didn’t like. Well except Sascha Cohen.

Anyhoo. The Girl in the Café is about a May-December romance against the backdrop of a G8 conference in Iceland. It is written by the same people who brought you Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually. The writer has such a talent for showing how people interact when they’re unsure of themselves. It’s so good to watch. Some of it is a little unlikely, but that’s why we watch the movies…

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