Thursday, March 30, 2006


Cooked again last night. Compulsively made 2 major dishes, both of which I had never made before. First I made Chicken Cacciatore which was basically the same sauce that I make for my spaghetti Bolognese, but without the ground meat. Instead I flavored everything with onions, garlic, basil and thyme and seared the chicken before pouring in the canned tomatoes. Simmer for an hour and serve with rice and freshly grated parmesan cheese. The perfect dish for a rainy evening. It was possibly the yummiest thing I’ve made in months. So yummy that I brought some to work for lunch.

I don’t know what possessed me or what gave me the energy, but I randomly pulled one of my cookbooks off the shelf and realized that I had the goods for a new recipe. Cauliflower casserole with potatoes and cherry tomatoes. I was too full from the chicken dish to eat much of the cauliflower, but what I did taste was yummy. I’m reheating it for dinner tonight which means less for me to cook.Which means more time for knitting.

I am dying to cast on something new, something huge and something new. I want to make another sweater. I have plenty of yarn for making sweaters, the question is which one am I going to make?????

I could make Mr. G’s sweater out of big wool. I could make a sweater from the Rebecca mohair special with some mohair I’ve had lying around for ages. I could make my own sweater out of rowan big wool from an old Vogue knitting.

I want to knit them all right now. This feeling reminds me of that scene in Amadeus where Wolfgang is trying on wigs and he declares that he likes them so much that he wishes he had three heads. Right now I wish I had six arms.


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Christie said...

Oh if only we could all have 6 arms and 3 heads to help us knit faster.