Monday, August 06, 2007

The Fog Persists

Spent the morning at the Weeds-like suburban mall.

After window shopping every store, I plopped myself down in an Adirondak chair that was situated in front of a gated fire pit. Seriously, a fire pit at a shopping mall, in August. It's called living in Marin County. I should just take these things for granted like everybody else.

Some people would have read the paper. I read a graphic novel. Slow News Day by Andi Watson. More satisfying than a beer on an Australian beach that was.

As lucky as I get to be lounging around on a Monday, there are some people who are not so lucky. As much as I support the troops in Iraq and as much as I don't blame them for the mess our government has gotten us into, I'm still pissed off that we're in Iraq and there's seemingly nothing we can do about it. At least until this bozo gets booted out of office, if we manage to elect a pro-phased-pullout president.

So I'm going to see a documentary. And I'm going to write to my political representatives and I'm going to research future protests. (why don't we protest more often in this country? We're not angry enough and we are too easily distracted, and it doesn't help that our news outlets ignore what's going on in the real world and instead scare us all with sensational bullshit, bloody hell I have to go overseas to get real news these days).

so yeah if anyone wants to go see this documentary let me know.

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