Sunday, August 19, 2007

Uh, I Feel Sick

That's what my mom says whenever she is presented with something she doesn't agree with or doesn't want to do. It's always said in good humor. But really right now, I feel sick. A little queasiness to the tummy right now. I don't know if it's the bbq I just ate or the Thai food I had for lunch, but I'm not feeling so good.

Maybe it's that I just cast on the Tulip Jacket and I used the incorrect cast-on method and it looks crap. So I've totally undone the first 8 rows. Ripping back never feels good. Monsieur G is once again on the Xbox, testing out the new John Woo video game. I don't think there are enough bullets in all of America to account for all of the shots in this game, but I'm not so into the shooter games anyway.

So I'm in the craft room again procrastinating when I should be working on the book. I've made some good progress in the last couple of days. Now I'm working on two full-size projects at the same time -including an entirely *new* one. Monsieur G wants to see more physical proof, actually writing of the book. How convenient that our printer is out of ink!

But still I'm hoping that I'll spend a sizeable amount of time tomorrow going through the submission guidelines and typing out my official responses.

Otherwise this Sunday was rather uneventful. It took me most of the morning and early afternoon to boot up the old brain. I found a way to watch season 4 of Kath and Kim and got caught up on Flight of the Conchords. hardy har har.

Maybe I'll procrastinate some more tomorrow and take some knitting photos. But for now I'm on a roll on a story I want to write about knitting geeks.


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