Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long Saturday

It's 10:53pm. I'm hiding out in the craft room whilst the husband and his friends play zombie video games. I'm too tired to knit, too tired even to watch a movie (a pile of recent romantic comedies no less), but somehow I'm not too tired to stretch the laptop to the end of my fingertips and rattle out a few words.

The firewood order for winter arrived today. I know it's August, but if I wait until November to get firewood it will be too wet and too expensive. Now I have well-seasoned pine, walnut and oak kicking it in my garage. Loading the firewood in the garage was easy work, especially with all the help from my friends. I can't believe I even considered hiring someone to assist. I may not even be sore tomorrow. It makes me wish it was October already and raining so that I could knit in front of the fire.

Had lunch with my fellow firewood friends. A lunch of toasted bagels and cream cheese. I was on a total carb overload, which I probably why I required a nap in the middle of the afternoon. After the nap I went Target, the French store and hung out with the only local friend I have with kids and it was an eye-opening experience. In a good way. I am blown away with everything she and her husband are doing and how well behaved and pleasant their kids are. Makes me want to become a parent tomorrow. I know it's not all shopping and slurpees, but I'm inspired nonetheless. Some people say that a person becomes 80% less interesting when they have kids. But J and J prove that wrong 1000 times over.

I'm sleepy, maybe I'll turn down the lights and watch Catch and Release.


So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you...

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