Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Just Spent Six Months In A Leaky Boat

Ok, So it wasn't actually a Split Enz show, but The Crowded House show last night was heaps of fun, even if the stupid venue shut down the show just as the crowd was getting warmed up.

I will never again haul my ass down to the South Bay and pay $75/person plus a hotel room to see a show at the Mountain Winery.

I don't care who lives near the winery. If I'm paying $75/ticket I want to hear my band play the two favorite songs I've been waiting to hear all night in the encore.

So if you're thinking of seeing one of your favorite bands at the Mountain Winery wait instead for them to make an appearance at the Fillmore. It will do doubt be less expensive and the show will last for hours.

But still the night was fun mainly for the band, the friends we met up with, and the wine we drunk.

Here's a photo from the show!

I was especially happy that they played Fall At Your Feet. Unfortunately Better Be Home Soon and Weather With You were the ones that got cut off at the end. It was nice to hear a live version of Pineapple Head.


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