Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Solar Summer

The heat's finally on. Our house has begun it's part time job as an oven, roasting our houseplants to death. And I'm realizing that my high school reunion is less than six weeks away. Jitter jitter jitter.

I can imagine the conversations now.

"So Gigi, what do you do these days"

"Oh you know, living the American dream, writing a knitting book"

Now normally these conversations become stilted as most of the people I have to explain this to do not knit. But I'm realizing that it helps a lot if I'm wearing a knitted garment. It sort of proves that I'm not a crazy lady, or making this up to sound successful in a strange way.

Which brings me to the biggest problem with this whole reunion thing. What should I wear? It's in early October in a festive atmosphere (read NOT a hotel ballroom) where one can gamble. I have frequented the establishment before and truthfully the attire isn't typically fancy. But one can't look like a schlub in front of one's former classmates.

I think the key thing here is to start with the shoes. And it's going to be boots. Tall knee-high boots. Funny how somethings never change, I practically lived in boots all through high school...

Shit, I'm going to look exactly the same as I did when I was 17. In fact the dress that I want to wear with the boots could have been wearable in high school.

So scratch that. No boots, no black dress. That's just too easy.

What to wear instead????

It has to say I'm hot, but not trying to be hot. So in short, no dresses or skirts.

It's going to be dark jeans and open toe wedges. That gives me an excuse to buy a new top and jacket. Excuse me while I talk to myself about this.

Alright I feel better now...

Oh great, now I have to figure out what to knit for the damned thing. Hard to imagine in this heat. And I only have 5 weeks to make it. Must consult Lace Style. Yeah that's the ticket.


No Sleep Til Brooklyn


Adrienne said...

Knit what every hipster needs - a lace scarf. Although you may have something already that is lacy enough ... ? Branching out would do, and it's supposed to be fast. There are a couple other sites out there that I have bookmarked with interesting lace repeats too - let me know. We can discuss at 2p too :)

Brena said...

I'm a knee-high boots, black dress rocker too, but in high school I dressed more like I was in Clueless so that would be different for me. Do you have a Clapotis? Dark jeans, wedge shoes, a tank and a Clapotis might work. I'm obsessed with Clapotis.