Saturday, August 11, 2007

Isotope Rocks

If only I could spend every Saturday morning hanging out in the city with a coffee from Bluebottle and new comics at Isotope. I could, but the knitting book would never get finished and I would always be broke.

It was lovely hanging out with beergeek and izzytart. They make the ride to the city enjoyable even with bridge traffic. They maximize the German engineering of their Spaghetti Monstered Bug. One keeps an eye out for traffic calling out blind spots while the otherdrives, veering around unsuspecting drivers of questionably engineered vehicles, cursing all the way.

Plus they are the best comic book enablers, giving you the inside dish on every writer and artist. Also many thanks to James for putting aside some things for me -your email got stuck in my stupid yahoo junk mail folder.

I ended up getting: Faker #2, Fables trade #4 (which made izzytart gush with nostalgia), Glister the new Andi Watson (!!!), and Lucifer trade #3.

I reread Faker #1 before reading Faker #2 and enjoyed it way more the second time around. The first time it seemed like a bunch of whiney college kids, but on second read the subtle hints of the story peeked out and I appreciated it much more. Faker #2 did not disappoint -it's funny and disturbing, can't wait for #3.

Now I'm working on the Fables trade, which I have a feeling will break my heart. I still have a bunch of stuff to read from the last time I bought comics, but I'm getting a feel for what stuff I really love to read.

thanks again to beergeek and izzytart for breaking in another geek.


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Adrienne said...

Now you just have to learn all about Eberron and your conversion to Massive Geek will be near completion ;)