Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chronicles of Yarnia Part 2: The Flatulant Bed

I slept well on the plane.

Warren.... did not.

Fortunately our hotel room was ready when we arrived and Warren went straight to bed.

It was made clear to me from the beginning that Warren would get the king size and I would get the sofabed, which I understand. He's the owner of the store; I'm the buying assistant; fair enough. However, one can't help but be a smidge jealous.

But then Warren flopped himself down on the bed, eager for some comfort after the particularly squished seating of the Delta airplane.

And the bed farted.

That's right. This ain't no squeaky mattress, it was a full-on burst of wind. It was so loud that if I was on another room, I would have thought there was something terribly wrong with Warren.

Suddenly the sofa bed doesn't seem so bad.


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badmommy said...

This made me laugh unreasonably hard - thank you!