Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Chronicles of Yarnia

I have just returned from TNNA. That's TNNA, not TNA. It's the twice yearly tradeshow for the knitting and needlearts industy, where yarn shops come to choose their wares. I got to go in two capacities, one to assist Warren from Marin Fiber Arts and also to Assist the Fabulous Yarn Company.

Here are the highlights from night 1:

1) We took a red-eye flight. Note to Delta Airlines: Hobbits only exist in Middle Earth. You may want to start installing human-sized seating.
2) Another note to Delta: showing a movie entitled "Failure to Launch" is no way to spend an airflight.

There is much more to come with posts entitled "Yarn Wars", Elvis Lives, King Yarnthur and the Knits of the Yarn Table, Little Girls with Big Hair, Would you like some Barbados with that?, and The Knitwear Model Who Actually Knits.


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