Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Chronicles of Yarnia Part 3 - Bag Envy

The funny thing about TNNA is that you have to be careful what you say because you never know who's going to be behind you.

This is a no slagging zone. You never know when the owner of a store is behind you, or when the proprietor of a yarn company is next to you at dinner.

Fortunately we learned this the easy way at our hotel.

There was a lady in line at the hotel front desk who was carrying a Lexie Barnes bag. I have been drooling over these bags for ages, but I've only seen them on the interweb, not in person. They are just as fabulous, bright colors and heavy duty materials (because you know my knitting goes everywhere with me).

Anyhoo, I had to tell the lady how awesome her bag was, and what do you know it is Lexie Barnes.

And I had only been in Indianapolis for 20 minutes?

She was very sweet and gave me her card. Unfortunately things got really busy and I didn't get a chance to pick one up, but I'll be heading here soon to snag one.

For now the old tote bag will have to do.


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