Thursday, June 29, 2006

I love my job.

See this truck?

It's full of yarn.

My job: to help unload the yarn so that you, my fellow knitters can make beeeautiful things.

You want to be exhilirated. Try signing for a 3500 kg container of yarn! Man I never thought signing my name to something would be so exciting!

They must all think I'm crazy....



Adrienne said...


jenny jen said...

Oh Angela, I'm happy you've found something that puts a smile on your face all the live long day! You're like a little kitten who loves yarn!

loopyslickster said...

hey wool women its real cool how you got this love for the simple things in life.. i like that.. i used to be a wild drug dealing violent criminal before i found jesus, then i wouldnt have been entertained by anything less than a bag of coke and a robbery, but now its the simple things that give me joy.. wow jesus changed my life by entering into my hungry life.. now he has made all things new, so cool wool loving women i want you to know that jesus loves you and he wants you to give him your heart.. thats it.. have a great evening.. mark from england