Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Chronicles of Yarnia Part 4. Tradeshows aren't so bad.

Most of the time tradeshows are very unpleasant. Even tradeshows that feature things that are mildly interesting can be tedious. Especially when you're working a booth.

But people, this time it's YARN!!!!!!

The only tedious thing about this trade show is how dang long it took to walk from our hotel to the convention center. But hey, we need to get our exercise somehow.

I got to help the Fabulous Yarn Company set-up their booth. To my surprise I was given the very important task of helping decorate the booth with our yarns and models. Now usually I'm not given the aesthetic authority for such things, but I hung dress forms and arranged colorways of yarns and they looked great. And shockingly enough, the arrangment stayed that way for the duration of the show. The great part was that everybody from the company helped out with smiling faces and positive attitudes. I couldn't ask to be surrounded by a better group of people. I'm blown away by the long standing relationships shared by the reps, partner needle companies and vendors. Working with them felt more like fun than work.

True enough, usually when I'm working at a tradeshow, I'm watching the clock waiting to get the hell out of there, but with FYC, the time flies and I'm sad when it's all over.

Fortunately, we all got together after work for snacks and margaritas!

I guess tradeshows aren't so bad!


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