Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yarnia Part 6 - I Left My Heart In San Francisco and It Followed me to Indianapolis

For some people, Elvis is a great way to close a night. For others, it's a sign that the night has only just begun.

Warren was still exhausted from his sleepless Delta flight so he returned to the hotel for some shuteye. But I couldn't refuse an invitation from the Fabulous Yarn Company for some snacks and cocktails.

One of life's great jokes is that you can travel thousands of miles and still feel like you haven't gone anywhere. With San Francisco this is rarely the case because it's such a unique city. It's so unique it might as well be it's own country.

However in the era of eatertainment, that's not so much the case. If you can't afford to fly to Australia, you can go to the Outback Steakhouse. Can't get time off work to go to Mexico? Have some chips and salsa at Chevy's. Now you don't ever have to travel to the liberal bastian of San Francisco, you can instead go to The Alcatraz Brewery in Indianapolis for your taste of life on the rock. This is where we had appetizers and cocktails with the FYC.

Ironically, I've lived in the bay area for more than a decade and have never been to Alcatraz the historical landmark, but at least I've been to Alcatraz, the restaurant and had a margarita.

Anyhoo, the food was awesome and reflected our region's fabulous culinary tastes. I bonded with the fabulous yarn company and partook in some yarn industry gossip. And there was enough food leftover to bring back to the hotel for Warren.

So I guess whenever anybody asks me whether I've been to Alcatraz, I'll just ask them "the prison or the restaurant?"

hardy har har

Grenadine Girl

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Adrienne said...

Neither of us has been to Acatraz yet either!! We must!