Friday, June 16, 2006

Yarnia 8 - King Yarnthur and The Knits of the Round Table

For those of you who are keeping track we're still only on day 2, the first day of the actual convention. According to the knit-nighters at Marin Fiber Arts I'm writing a small novel.

But that's because so many fabulous and funny things happened to us on our trip. If it wasn't so action-packed there wouldn't be so much to write!

Aside from the yarn, getting to know Warren has been one of the most interesting things about the trip. Together, Warren and I can get pretty goofy, especially when fatigue sets in.

I know this may be hard for you to believe, but there is only so much yarn that a person can see in one day.

I know. Blasphemy.

Sad but true, we became overwhelmed by yarn and other knitting products. Even more overwhelming was the fact that we were supposed to go home the next day and we were no where near ready to make any actual purchasing decisions. OK, so we bought some buttons, but buttons alone a yarn shop does not make.

There were four knitting bag vendors to choose from and we could only take two. Warren wanted to introduce another hand dyed yarn, but which one? And we don't even want to get started about the Karabella booth.

As to the buttons. We purchased a bunch of buttons from the button lady at. She is a one woman workshop of ceramic buttons. My personal favorite are the coin-pressed buttons. She takes coins from around the world and impresses them into the clay, and glazes them with your chosen color. Perfect for that manly sweater that we won't mention that's waiting to be seamed in the craft ( a.k.a.junk) room. Anyhoo, the lady was missing a coin from Australia, and by some crazy twist of fate I had an Aussie 20 cent coin hanging out in my bag.

Shortly thereafter, we went to the GGH booth. Where they have multiple boxes of buttons to examine. At this point, Warren was at a level four goofiness, with level 5 in sight. This means that Warren has seen too much yarn, hasn't slept very well and is in need of food and beverage.

This was the level that Warren was at when choosing buttons. It was all the more difficult because there were so many to choose from. Being the assistant, it was my job to keep Warren on task. Thus I presented page after page of buttons. And Warren would put them in one of two piles, LOVE IT or HATE IT. I felt like a page at court, showing the king a selection of fabric or food for his approval. Sometimes I would purposely choose something I knew he would hate, and he would look at me with disapproval "how could you even think I would sell this in MY store?". Thus I came up with Warren's new nickname: Napoleyarn.

Warren didn't like that much.

He thought King Yarnthur was better. Hey he's the king, who am I to argue?

I suppose that would make the knit-nighters the Knits of the Yarn Table.

hardy har har.

Grenadine Girl

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Tari of claybuttons said...

Thank you for the coin! I hope to have a coin button made to give to you this year in Columbus. I look forward to seeing you again. More Buttons!