Saturday, May 28, 2005

Appearance Check

This is what I look like now, a week before my 26th birthday.

This has been a glorious Saturday. I discovered the joy of antique shopping. God help us I have another hobby and its collecting antique books about the Napoleonic Era (incidentally this happened while I was shopping for a birthday present for my pal Jenny who we need to give a nickname to) I also finished quilting the Freckle quilt and finished phase one of the Knit 1 tank. Not to mention I kicked some MAJOR ass on the Lord of the Rings video game. let's just say that its 10pm and I'm only now just making myself dinner. And I watched Sense and Sensibility and Empire Strikes Bag. Those who would say that I'm not kookoo for film should be ashamed of themselves (not Mr. G btw) Busy Busy Grenadine Girl.

I now dub Jenny L.A. Girl.
I now dub Mr. Grenadine Canberra Boy
Special thx to Superstarra Christie for her funny comments.


1 comment:

Christie said...

Hey! That's a pretty cute almost 26 year old girl. Who'd believe she'd almost 26 anyway?

Sounds like you had a great day...BTW: I absolutely love Sense and Sensibilty! Who'da thunk it was directed by some little Asian dude [new nickname for Ang Lee = Little Asian Dude]? The cast is so incredible...I love Emma much talent!
and sometimes, just sometimes I softly say 'Willooughby!!' to myself when ever we're driving past that street... : )