Monday, May 23, 2005

Sunny Weather Makes Everything Better

Even work.

Today was a very good day at work, not that they have been miserable or anything, but it's amazing how a warm breeze and blue skies can make the day go faster and work smoother.

I am pleased that my secret pal Cecile got her last secret pal gift, which you can view here. I enjoyed corresponding with her so much and getting gifts from my secret pal that I have decided to join Secret Pal 5.

By the way I wanted to say a special thanks to my secret pal (who still remains a secret). You were so nice to me and I loved everything you sent. Beaucoup remerciments.

I didn't get up to much knitting I was busy caring for Mr. Grenadine who has been sick with the flu this last week, but he's been a very appreciative husband. I'm a lucky girl.

Right now we're cozy watching Young Frankstein. I love Gene Wilder.

Grenadine Girl

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