Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Fabric Splurge

The other night I mentioned that I was defecting to quilting and I am doing it in a big way. As I write I am washing some new fabric that I have amassed for my new quilt entitled: The Wedding Bouquet. It's made with the colors of my wedding:

While I was busy picking out the last couple of fabrics, I ran across some yarn. Some of that fantastic Joann's brand yarn that I will make a shawl with. And guess what, they're the same colors from my wedding.

Do you see a theme going on here?

To get out of this wedding nostralgia thing I've been working on the Knit 1 tank, which I finally have a photo of:

though I don't think I need the ridiculous hair do. I'm using Rowan All Seasons cotton with is like buttah to knit. I watched three episodes of The Forsyte Saga while I was knitting and you can see my progress:

Now that I've finished blogging, I'm going to eat lunch and quilt. See you later.

Grenadine Girl

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