Sunday, May 15, 2005

Lasagne, America's Party Food

Mom's party went well. So well in fact that I have spent the whole weekend at my parents house. I hope my husband isn't feeling neglected. I think it's only fair since he got up early this morning to see a PREVIEW SCREENING OF THE NEW STAR WARS MOVIE. Everyone at the party is surpised that I'm not leaving him because I don't get to go, but I'll live. There's a major race running in the city this morning at the same time as the movie so it will be a minor miracle if Luke gets there on time. Speaking of which, I don't know how the heck I'm going to get home since I have to drive through the city to get home. I'm seriously considering a roundabout drive through the East Bay to avoid all of the crazy traffic. Instead, I'm using this as an excuse to stick around my parents house longer and to go to their LYS, which I'm sad to admit is better than the LYS in my neighborhood.

After posting this blog, I will be reviewing two patterns, one in Rowan's Beach Cool and the other in the Knit 1 magazine (gasp!). There are some sweaters and tank tops that I want to try from the Beach Cool thing (and a hat too). There's a tank top with a ribbon tie in the back that I like in Knit 1.

Here's the Rowan tank top:

I think I'm going to extend the bottom a bit. Its a bit short, making my boobs look humongo, a department in which they currently do not require assistance.

My mom's birthday was fantastic. Everyone had a good time and I enjoyed all of the cooking, though I think I'm avoiding the clean up aspect of the operation.

Anywho i hope you're all doing well and have had good weekends.

La Fille Grenadine

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Christie said...

Lasagne! YUMMY!

That tank is cute!